Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Action: Volleyball ISAC

I never imagined this season to fly by so very fast. The first feeling I got the MOMENT our last game ended in Cebu.... was "dang, I really wish we could do it all over again!"

We came in sixth in ISAC this year, and yea numerically it's not a great number. BUT! In terms of the effort we put in the afternoon after 2 losses against CIS and BSM all the way to our last game, we sure deserved better than that.

On the first day of ISAC we beat Baguio and lost against Southville. We REALLY could have beaten them! (this bugged me quite a bit). On the next day we shockingly lost against CIS and then straight lost by BSM. The team was pretty blown away by this, and I personally was stunned at the loss. I could really see that our momentum was completely lost. Captains Mina & Fel were quite upset, but we strongly felt the need to have a team meeting to really mend what we were doing wrong. Coach even said himself that he had given us everything he could. We were actually losing ourselves... I couldn't stand the frustration, so we had a very serious and honest team meeting. Sincerely, I HAD so much I wanted to say and I said it! I didn't have any serious diatribe on anyone, and I asked Mina to talk, but she told me that as a senior I should have the authority to talk as well. She was quite upset to talk. (Honestly I knew that I would definitely get some unhappy faces b/c I wasn't captain and I was the one talking). I didn't speak with any "I'm all that" authority, but I KIND OF begged the team. We really needed to focus on our game both mentally and physically. We all said our opinions of what we were doing wrong and what we really needed to fix right away. Our next game was Brent Manila, which we all bet we'd lose, but we had a VERY refreshing team talk that was much needed and entered the game in full throttle. 

Surprisingly, we played with this new effort and though we lost, I personally think we played some real volleyball. We even got up to third set! I was so happy and proud of all the girls. We used this same effort against FAM the next day and beat them! That was the wrap up of our games, and I was quite bummed that it ended in such a hurry, but that last kick of energy we had really satisfied the end of our whole season. I did however feel extremely sorry for coach. Had we not had that team talk MUCH earlier, we might have had even beaten both CIS and BSM. 

ISAC was a true experience for me. As a team we really bonded and learned so much more about the game. We even learned sportsmanship from how the other teams behaved, not to mention Brent Manila's "2 - 4 -6- 8 who do we appreciate" cheer at the end of each of their games towards their opponents. We also learned team spirit; I lost my voice (still) from all the cheering and screaming for our team and the boys team as well. I personally learned responsibility from the curfew issue my house mates and I experienced!     The whole ISAC was just an extreme load of NEW lessons taught to me.
 It really saddens me that this will be the end of my journey in the Volleyball team for our school. The thanks I have for the whole team and coach( + coach Edzer) won't ever be forgotten. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Action: Volleyball Weekly Goal!

OH NO ... it's already Tuesday :( .... internet was funky last night. 
Anyways, I was really bummed from the fact that I couldn't attend the Saturday tournament, but no worries! We have more to come. I am extremely excited and I hope our team really progresses continuously. 
Monday, I honestly wasn't too happy with myself because I've OFFICIALLY failed my serve. I was quite upset and disappointed actually, and to top it off, our mini game was very lazy. I knew that coach was upset about how sloppily we played, and I started to get frustrated every time some of the girls chuckled over mistakes. --> YES a very bad start. BUT after the first scrimmage coach came up to me and told me to stop the girls from laughing and to start taking the game seriously. WE DID and we did a way better job.

I've realized our team's goal this week should be FOCUS. We really seem to lack our focus and we fade away from the importance of Volleyball to just laughing at our silly and honestly ... embarrassing mistakes! I know that I'm not the captain and neither the best player, but as a senior I think I should still help the team out a lot as an older member and help lead the team this year. We have highly improved, and I am so proud of it, but I just wish we could WANT this! I know I want it, but that won't matter as long as everybody in the team does. I feel that I should really help the others want it too. Both Ramona and I as seniors have an indirectly laid responsibility in the team. 

Last week, we lost a crucial member, and Daisy had a problem with her wrist. We stumbled. This week we rise and I know with all the amazing and new tactics coach keeps teaching us, we're bound to become better and stronger players. THIS WEEK should be one of our best weeks. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Service: Emceeing Art Exhibit

Diana Cho

Emceeing Art Exhibit

This activity is voluntary. I Emcee an art exhibit as a translator as well for both English and Korean. I will be responsible of making the program and script of the whole exhibit presentation. I will be in charge of translating speeches and leading the audience through the exhibit. I will do this for Gini Moon, Sally Kim and Hayen Kim's art exhibit. This is a collaborative activity involving the three artists as well as other students from school helping out.

My personal goals for this activity are to become a better public speaker as well as develop my skills in speaking two languages fluently and smoothly at once. I will develop new skills for this as well as work with others to prepare for the whole show. I will personally initiate and plan some of the program and I will have to work even on weekdays to have a good outcome. One important goal I have in this activity is to achieve better speaking skills in Korean, for I am not very fluent in speaking Korean. I struggle with not only pronunciation, but understanding and I lack fluency. I would really like to challenge myself and try to overcome at the least a bit of the shyness and embarrassment I feel when speaking in Korean.

The whole audience will benefit from this activity because I am sure some will have a hard time (or not even) understand one language especially if the people invited are different nationalities. I hope that everyone understands and reacts properly to what is said. I will also benefit from this activity, for I will have to stretch my ability to speak in Korean as well as English.

This will be for one day, but the preparation will take about one to two weeks. The exhibit is on August 27, but I will have to collaborate with the art teacher as well as the kids(who are displaying their work) during the days before it. I will also have to do many runs as well as work at home separately on translations. The meeting will take place on weekdays after school, after sports, and at least an hour will have to be devoted to the making of the program and script. This will take place at the art teacher's house and the Lighthouse (exhibit location.)

Rachel Jeoung

Art Lessons

Action: Volleyball Proposal

Diana Cho

Varsity Volleyball

This is the Varsity Volleyball Team for our school. I take the responsibility as the middle hitter. Volleyball is a team sport, and involves all six players on court, each member's absence is vulnerable to the team. I know that as middle hitter I play a major role in the offensive as well as the defensive of the game: to go up an attack and to jump up and block. As a current senior I believe I have to take the initiative of being a responsible and good example for the whole team, so encouraging others is mandatory. Members that collaborate in the team (in the CAS program) are Ramona Kabigting, Felicia Lin, Jane Woo, and Isabelle Wolfe.

Personally I would really like to INCREASE my ability in the sport; I am tall and I would really like to be of use as much as possible to the team~. Honestly, I fight my health in order to be in the team and commit to staying in the team. My parents seriously are against my involvement in sports and activities, but I really want to prove to myself that I am strong enough to play well and better my skills. My goal is to really overcome my weakness in health and play Volleyball well, as well as learn sportsmanship and teamwork. I would also like to overcome my fear of balls.

I would benefit from this activity because I took the initiative to join the team and be part of it. I would learn and grow my hitting, receiving as well as serving skills, and I would overcome one of my fears: I'm very scared of balls. I will also be able to learn communication (during games with other teammates) and learn commitment because Volleyball is a very demanding sport. I also think that the team as a whole will benefit, for each member is important.

The activity will be all five days a week, mostly from 4pm to 5:30-6pm. The start date August 9 to October 9 (end of ISAC). The activity will take place for practice and a few games at school, but some games in manila. The biggest tournament, ISAC, will be taking place in Cebu International School.

Mr. Pat. Higgins

Brent School Subic

Action: Volleyball Weekly Goal!

This week will definitely be a very tough week. We have school for all five days! 
Not only this, but our team was told today that one of our key members will no longer participate! This would mean that all of us have to step up. Looking on the positive side of things I'm sure this will allow us to push ourselves further and make better moves in the game! I am really exhausted (MONDAYS -_-) and I have four more days of school and Volleyball practice as well as a game on Thursday. Hope I get enough sleep and rest!

Sadly we will be having a pretty big all-day tournament on Saturday with Brent Baguio coming over, but I won't be able to be present because of my TOEFL exam that day. I really hope the team does well though!

Okay, this week ... I really, really hope I get my overhand serves SOLID! We had a tournament in Manila on Saturday, so it was a great opportunity for us to figure out our weaknesses and strengths. I hope to solidify both serves actually, my underhand and my overhand! Both don't seem to be even 80% in! I also hope to master shifting positions from defense to offense WITHOUT colliding with our poor setter ANGEL! I feel so bad always colliding with her, either one of us have to be faster, and I'm sure I'm going to have to speed up! I also hope that the whole team in general does not lose confidence and self esteem with the loss of one player, but instead gains MORE confidence to play harder with that missing player to fill in the gap!

Reflection of this week:
 Okayyyy... NOOO I HAD to take the TOEFL test on Saturday, so I wasn't able to participate in the tournament :( However, i did play on both Thursday night AND Friday night! As I had said, I was hoping that our team really step up with a missing member, this week was pretty rough. On Thursday, we had a very poor game, and we had to be lectured. BUT this really, really boosted us. (One of the reason WHY I love Volleyball is the team work!)Coach was pretty upset about our attitudes on court, and yes, I agree it really beats ourselves! On Friday, we took control of that and really played to our best. Even though I wasn't there on Saturday, I kept communication with the members there and tried to keep notified on everything going on that day. I heard we played okay except for the last game because we got tired. This particularly worried me because ISAC will be MUCH, MUCH more than this! I hope the girls realize that we really have to work our BEST and not give up on any game (better yet, any set!) I hope that this week we see more and more improvement, confidence, and definitely some real volleyball! ---> I really need to become more confident, I was quite upset about me not being able to serve overhand properly during games. It was quite frustrating. I really, really do hope I fix this BY this coming week. 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Creativity/Service: Student Council

The highlight of my week! 
Seniors ROCKED the acquaintance party last night! I was so proud of the dance our whole batch did, not to mention Mrs. Lee and Ms. Fernadez's little mini solo in the middle! We really deserved FIRST place! I was so happy and I couldn't stop wanting to dance it all over again all night. 

Anyways, let's get down to the CAS part of this~
I was NOT feeling too well on Friday because I had a WILD stomach ache and back ache. I gotta say TYLENOL was my savior because I had to MC the lower school party AND the MS/US party! Well, the lower school party was really, really tough to MC because I have a little brother(David) that's ALREADY difficult to control, but I had to try and control about a hundred kids! My voice kept cracking into the microphone because I had to speak loud so the kids would hear my voice. It was really a challenge, but a REAL experience for me to see and understand how a lower school teacher would feel. It wasn't BAD because when I got the kids' attention, they were very obedient and willing to help out! I was glad to have had been okay by then and not in so much pain. 
The MS/US party was the opposite! I was MCing also with Abbas, and it was easy to get the students' attention, but difficult to get them excited! I remember Ms. Pascual continuously telling Abbas and I to say things like "You want more?!" or "Are you READY?!" to get everyone heated up. Well one thing that I found similar with both parties was that I had to raise my voice to the top of my lungs! It was really exciting though, getting to lead the whole audience to cheer and applause for the whole program was truly an experience. 

The preparation for MCing both of these parties were really impromptu, but I shook off nerves and just decided to have fun with it. It had a GREAT turn out with almost alllll of the middle upper school present. 

Opportunities for MCing are really new to me, but doing it for Student Council has really gotten me to experience with public speaking and I've really enjoyed it. I hope to do more!! 

Action: Volleyball Game!

I didn't realize that CAS was this exciting because I haven't written on my blog for about a week, and now I'm showered with more posts to write! 

Ok, so starting with what happened Thursday! We had a very, very successful volleyball game! We really excelled and we did a really good job. Last week, we were pretty rough and coach Higgins told us that we had to "play some real Volleyball." This was probably because we were all down and lazy, BUT we picked it up and showed him how capable we were! 
I was really proud of everyone in the team and I hope we all excel MORE than this so far. We really learned as a team to work together, keep each other positive, and play REAL volleyball. All our positioning was pretty solid and coach kept cheering us! It was only the matter of nerves that we had to go through. 

I don't have any pictures of the team so far, but I'll be sure to put some up in the weeks to come (ISAC nearing!)