Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Action: Volleyball ISAC

I never imagined this season to fly by so very fast. The first feeling I got the MOMENT our last game ended in Cebu.... was "dang, I really wish we could do it all over again!"

We came in sixth in ISAC this year, and yea numerically it's not a great number. BUT! In terms of the effort we put in the afternoon after 2 losses against CIS and BSM all the way to our last game, we sure deserved better than that.

On the first day of ISAC we beat Baguio and lost against Southville. We REALLY could have beaten them! (this bugged me quite a bit). On the next day we shockingly lost against CIS and then straight lost by BSM. The team was pretty blown away by this, and I personally was stunned at the loss. I could really see that our momentum was completely lost. Captains Mina & Fel were quite upset, but we strongly felt the need to have a team meeting to really mend what we were doing wrong. Coach even said himself that he had given us everything he could. We were actually losing ourselves... I couldn't stand the frustration, so we had a very serious and honest team meeting. Sincerely, I HAD so much I wanted to say and I said it! I didn't have any serious diatribe on anyone, and I asked Mina to talk, but she told me that as a senior I should have the authority to talk as well. She was quite upset to talk. (Honestly I knew that I would definitely get some unhappy faces b/c I wasn't captain and I was the one talking). I didn't speak with any "I'm all that" authority, but I KIND OF begged the team. We really needed to focus on our game both mentally and physically. We all said our opinions of what we were doing wrong and what we really needed to fix right away. Our next game was Brent Manila, which we all bet we'd lose, but we had a VERY refreshing team talk that was much needed and entered the game in full throttle. 

Surprisingly, we played with this new effort and though we lost, I personally think we played some real volleyball. We even got up to third set! I was so happy and proud of all the girls. We used this same effort against FAM the next day and beat them! That was the wrap up of our games, and I was quite bummed that it ended in such a hurry, but that last kick of energy we had really satisfied the end of our whole season. I did however feel extremely sorry for coach. Had we not had that team talk MUCH earlier, we might have had even beaten both CIS and BSM. 

ISAC was a true experience for me. As a team we really bonded and learned so much more about the game. We even learned sportsmanship from how the other teams behaved, not to mention Brent Manila's "2 - 4 -6- 8 who do we appreciate" cheer at the end of each of their games towards their opponents. We also learned team spirit; I lost my voice (still) from all the cheering and screaming for our team and the boys team as well. I personally learned responsibility from the curfew issue my house mates and I experienced!     The whole ISAC was just an extreme load of NEW lessons taught to me.
 It really saddens me that this will be the end of my journey in the Volleyball team for our school. The thanks I have for the whole team and coach( + coach Edzer) won't ever be forgotten. 

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